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About Bio-Energy Training and Empowerment

Ancient people were aware that there is some kind of invisible energy that runs through our bodies, connecting our mind and spirit. It connects us with other people, with our natural surroundings, and with the universe. This subtle energy has been called many things: prana, Qi, ki, spirit, life force, etc. This idea has become the foundation of traditional Chinese Medicine. Now even western scientists and doctors are open to the idea, using an analogy to information technology in which the human brain and body are like computer hardware, and our intellectual mind and emotions are a kind of bio-energy information system, like the software, applications and content that allows us function as human beings. Well-known quantum physicists and neuroscientists are presenting a new view of our human nature, that human beings are energy beings, and we are connected to the whole universe, constantly communicating with each other and with everything around us through this bio-energy information system, much like the way our electronic devices are communicating wirelessly and through cloud services. ​To extend on that analogy, bio-energy training and empowerment is like upgrading your operating system. You'll then be able to choose to work on your own, or you can always get help through cloud services.

I am offering bio-energy training and empowerment as a facilitator to help you (1) develop awareness that you are in essence an energy being and that your mind, body, and spirit are all interconnected, and (2) empower your own healing and creative potential.

You can participate in this process through bio-energy training or by receiving bio-energy healing and empowerment sessions. Of course, you can always do both.

Bio-Energy Training

Bio-energy training is mainly based on Yi-Ren Qigong exercises and meditations. These are simple but one of the most effective methods for self-healing and internal cultivation I have come across in my 20 years of research as a journalist. You will learn how to become aware of your own energy and bio-energy information system, and come to understand how your mind, body and spirit communicate with each other and how you are energetically connected with others. Through regular practice of simple exercises, you can strengthen your bio-energy immune system to not to be affected as much by the negative energy you encounter from human relationships and from the environment. Bio-energy training will help you to relax and re-energize at the same time, helping you boost your ability to heal and to develop your intuition and creativity.

Private Session for Bio-Energy Healing and Empowerment

Bio-energy healing has already been recognized as energy medicine, vibrational medicine, or mind-body medicine and is being incorporated more and more as complementary therapy in mainstream medical institutions such as the Bioenergy Treatment Program that UW Medical Center offers to its in-patients. I use several techniques listed below, and each session is unique. I talk with clients to better understand their needs and the combine methods to suit their particular needs.

About Your Facilitator

Eriko Rowe  M.A., ORDM
Bio-Energy Healing Practitioner,
Yi Ren Qigong Instructor

Certified Yi Ren Qigong Instructor

Certified Add-Heart Facilitator (HeartMath Institute)

Certified Zenith Omega Healing Practitioner

Certified Tibetan Mantra Healer

Certified Breath Awareness Facilitator

Certified Amagi Body Work Practitioner

HMR facilitator trained by Brent Baum

Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church

After moving to New York from Japan in 1990, I started researching and practicing various modalities of alternative therapies from my professional interest as a reporter and for my personal quest for the ultimate healing and enlightenment . As a journalist focusing on medicine and the environment, I have had the good fortune to learn from many renowned scientists, doctors and healing practitioners from different spiritual traditions (Native American Medicine, Mayan Medicine, Curanderismo, Taoism, Buddhism, Sufism, Shinto, Shugendo, Shamanism, etc.) After living in New York City, Ecovillage at Ithaca, Seattle, and Vancouver, B.C., and then spending six years in Japan to reconnect with my own tribal spiritual roots and learn about Japanese indigenous healing methods, I moved back to Seattle in April, 2016. With confirmation and encouragement from my teachers, mentors and clients, I realized that it’s my second calling to serve as a conduit for healing energy and that it’s time for me to share some of the knowledge and skills that I have accumulated over the years to help other people become more aware about their mind body connection and to help them develop their own self-healing potential.

I have studied under Guan-Cheng Sun, Ph.D., Brent Baum, Joyce Hawks, Ph.D., Ibrahim Jaffe, M.D., Chin-Tse Lee, Ph.D., Mietek Wirkus, Lynn Buchanan, Tracy Stover, Dave Merrill, Oja, and Rendo Sugimoto. I am a former adjunct faculty in Japan Studies at the University of Washington and Cornell University in Ithaca, NY.


I respect and learn from various faith traditions. I am an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. Currently I am studying Yuthok Nyingthig (Tibetan Buddhist practice combining Traditional Tibetan medicine and Vajrayāna practices) under Dr. Nida Chenagastsang, and have received empowerments by His Holiness Dalai Lama, Karma Gyurme Rinpoche (the Miracle Lama) and H.E. Garchen Rinpoche.

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