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Tao Lyre Sound Healing

The soothing sound and vibration of the Tao Lyre can be directly applied to the body for deep relaxation, bio-energy clearing and recharging. The Tao Lyre is a small harp-like instrument created especially for healing purposes and many people comment that the experience is something quite magical. Historically, the harp has been associated with healing. Harp Therapy has been widely utilized in clinical settings in healthcare facilities as a therapeutic tool to offer comfort and help people release emotions and stress. The Tao Lyre was created by Andreas Lehmann, a German sound therapist and Steiner educator, for healing and is specifically designed to be played on the body. Preliminary results from a German study suggest that the therapeutic effects from the vibrations transmitted by the Tao Lyre were still present more than 12 hours after treatment.

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