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Bio-Energy Healing and Empowerment

Bio-Energy Healing and Empowerment sessions are like docking into to a charging station for your internal bio-energy system. While you are lying down or sitting comfortably, I’ll invite and guide universal energy for clearing, rebalancing and recharging your bio-energy to enhance your self-healing potential and facilitate your spritual awareness and development.

Emotional Trauma Release

I use a body-centered emotional reframing technique called Holographic Memory Resolution that I have been trained by Brent Baum. This method aims to reduce the impact of stress and trauma in the bodymind. It’s a simple technique and has profound effects for memory-based pain and pathology, setting people free from the negative input from memories that have been stored in the subconscious level.

Yi Ren Qigong

Through gentle relaxing exercises and meditations, you will become more aware of your internal energy flow and able to strengthen your mind-body connection. Qigong’s health effects have been shown in numerous scientific studies and are recognized by mainstream health organizations such as the National Institutes of Health and Harvard Medical School.

Add Heart (HeartMath) Method

Facilitated heart-focused breathing meditation.

Popular HeartMath biofeedback training method to increase heart rate variability (regulate heart rhythm patterns). Coherent heart rhythms helps synchronize the 

activity in the brain.        

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Mindful Breath Awareness

Just sit back or lie down, relax and keep breathing deeply using the connected breathing method. I will help you adjust your breathing to find the optimal pattern and gently tap your body to facilitate energetic release of your emotions and thoughts that have been stuffed away in your cellular memories. 

Tibetan Mantra Healing

Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning “to save the mind from suffering and illness.” Mantra healing is vibrational medicine that has been practiced as spiritual and religious healing in many cultures since ancient times. Tibetan Mantra Healing is based upon the philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism that all phenomena in the universe are intimately interconnected. 

Zenith Omega Vibrational Healing

Zenith Omega is an energy healing system using the vibrational qualities of light and color to help release stored memories, emotions, patterns and blocked energy from the human bio-energy system, clearing meridian pathways and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit.

Amagi Bodywork for Self Healing

Amagi Body Work is a unique self-healing technique that has become very popular Japan. The method uses prescriptions of specific bodywork or exercises developed by a master healer named Rendo who can feel the pain of others in his own body. He can then determine the root cause of the problem and the reflected points to correct the condition, which often agrees points in the meridian system in Chinese traditional medicine.

Tao Lyre Sound Healing

The soothing sound and vibration of the Tao Lyre can be directly applied to the body for deep relaxation, bio-energy clearing and recharging. The Tao Lyre is a small harp-like instrument created especially for healing purposes and many people comment that the experience is something quite magical.


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