Private and Group Sessions

I am currently offering private sessions and small group lessons in Wallingford in Seattle, Washington. On-site group lessons and corporate training are also available by request.

Private Sessions
(in person in Seattle or remote in some cases)
First session:1.5 hs  
 From the 2nd session, 1h or1.5 hs  
  • Yi Ren Qigong  Training
  • Emotional Trauma Release      
  • Breath Awareness Breathwork                    
  • Bio-Energy Healing      

Self-Renewal and Empowerment

5 Sessions Package 

Find your own path for healing and personal growth!

Cost efficient way to find out what type of healing modalities/trainings would help you most. 


This package includes a 1.5 hour session for initial consultation and training and four one-hour sessions of customized individual training.


The session plan can be customized and adjusted according to needs uncovered in sessions. It is recommended that the series is completed within three months.



Step 1: Breath Awareness: Restorative breathwork to help you release stuck energy and reset your breathing pattern.


Step 2: Holographic Memory Resolution: Interactive session to help liberate you from memory-based conditions that limit your life, such as fears, phobias, allergies, addictions, migraine headaches, and chronic pain.


Step 3: Yi Ren Qigong: Gentle exercises and mediation to activate your qi (bio-energy information system) for self-healing and developing awareness of energetic interactions with others.


Step 4: HeartMath “Add Heart” Biofeedback Training: Simple but highly effective method to even out your heart rhythm to optimize your brain/body functions and make you more resilient to stress.


Step 5: Bio-Energy Healing: A journey into states of deep relaxation to facilitate your healing, rejuvenation and self-discovery.

Trauma Release and Self Discovery

3 sessions Package

A journey to discover the original events that overwhelmed you emotionally and triggered the vicious cycle of overreaction. Learn how to replace unwanted memories to nest your brain.

Single sessions are also available for many of modalities.

Cancellation Policy:

Please be aware that late cancellations (less than in 24 hours) or missing appointment will be charged fully.