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Amagi Body Work for Self Healing


Amagi Body Work is a unique self-healing technique that has become very popular Japan. The method uses prescriptions of specific bodywork or exercises developed by a master healer named Rendo Sugimoto who can feel the pain of others in his own body. He can then determine the root cause of the problem and the reflected points to correct the condition, which often agrees points in the meridian system in Chinese traditional medicine.

This body work uses specific prescriptions, trigger points for various condition that have been developed by Rendo. He was severely injured severely in a paragliding accident and was told by his doctor that he would never be able to walk again. He did not give up and healed himself by working on his body. Amagi Body Work has been tested and shown to be an effective physical therapy in government-sponsored projects in Japan, especially for the physically challenged and growing elderly population. Rendo is also a popular trainer for athletes seeking to improve their physical performance and recover from injury.

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