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About Bio-Energy Healing Pivate Sessions

Lying down, closing your eyes and just relax. I will call upon the healing energies of the universe to help you release and clear unwanted bio-energy (negative emotions and thoughts of your own or from others) from your body and surrounding bio-energetic field, replacing them with healing light to restore and empower your bio-energy information system to facilitate your self-healing and to nurture your creative potential.


Let me work with you to find the keys to enhance and upgrade your bio-energy information system whether your goal is to heal or to unleash your hidden potential or just to unwind and recuperate.


Modalities Used in Sessions


My style is an integration of different energy healing methods that I have learned over the past 20 years that includes Bioenergy Healing from Mietek Wirkus, Yi Ren Qigong from Guan Cheng Sun, Ph.D., as well as Healing Touch and Zenith Omega Energy Healing. Each person’s experience will vary. You may feel strong energy infusion or go into a trance-like state, or you may find it a time of deep relaxation as Bio-Energy Healing and Empowerment sessions work at the level of the people’s real needs at the time. Some find it helps them in healing or that it raises their self-awareness or spiritual awakening.

Tibetan Mantra Healing


Mantra is a Sanskrit word meaning “to save the mind from suffering and illness.” Mantra healing is vibrational medicine that has been practiced as spiritual and religious healing in many cultures since ancient times. Tibetan Mantra Healing is based upon the philosophy of Tibetan Buddhism that all phenomena in the universe are intimately interconnected. The idea that energy and form are interchangeable and just different manifestations of the same universal constituents has been validated by findings in quantum physics that everything that exists in this world has a dual nature as a wave and particle. Mantra Healing is part of traditional Tibetan Medicine and is used to energize and harmonize the mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our being, facilitating healing from energy disturbances that manifest as injury and disease. The Healing Mantra I use were taught and transmitted by a renowned practitioner and teacher of traditional Tibetan Medicine, Dr. Nida Chenagtsang from Tibet. Dr. Chenagtsang has been using mantras along with herbal remedies with great success for various conditions, including healing from injury, kidney stones, treating tumors, and fertility.

Zenith Omega Vibrational Healing


Zenith Omega is an energy healing system using the vibrational qualities of light and color to help release stored memories, emotions, patterns and blocked energy from the human bio-energy system, clearing meridian pathways and harmonizing the mind, body and spirit. In this system, a specific set of color frequencies will be directed into the body’s energy pathways to achieve the purpose of the session. I am currently only using the Zenith Omega method for supporting people’s work on mental, emotional, and spiritual goals (not to treat physical illness).


Tao Lyre Sound Healing


The soothing sound and vibration of the Tao Lyre can be directly applied to the body for deep relaxation, bio-energy clearing and recharging. The Tao Lyre is a small harp-like instrument created especially for healing purposes and many people comment that the experience is something quite magical. Historically, the harp has been associated with healing. Harp Therapy has been widely utilized in clinical settings in healthcare facilities as a therapeutic tool to offer comfort and help people release emotions and stress. The Tao Lyre was created by Andreas Lehmann, a German sound therapist and Steiner educator, for healing and is specifically designed to be played on the body. Preliminary results from a German study suggest that the therapeutic effects from the vibrations transmitted by the Tao Lyre were still present more than 12 hours after treatment.

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