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Facilitated Breath Awareness Sessions

Just sit back or lie down, relax and keep breathing deeply using the connected breathing method. I will help you adjust your breathing to find the optimal pattern and gently tap your body to facilitate energetic release of your emotions and thoughts that have been stuffed away in your cellular memories.

Breath Awareness is simple and effective breathwork designed to help people become aware of their breathing patterns, which reflects a person's emotional and physical well being. The history of therapeutic use of breathing has been traced back to ancient times such as in yoga tradition. In the U.S., Stanislav Grof, a psychiatrist and researcher of consciousness, revolutionized the notion of breathwork in the 1960s by introducing holotropic breathing as a method to take patients to altered state of consciousness without using psychoactive drugs. Since then, various modified breathwork methods have been developed for various different intentions. Breath Awarenesss is a dscendant of those. It is a  comparatively gentle breathwork session with energetic support. Continuous deep belly breathing for about 40 minutes allows people to access their subconscious mind gently and safely to help them release stuck energy in their minds and bodies to address issues of emotional trauma, physical pattern, etc. It is common for people to feel tingling sensations, hot or cold feelings, energy surges, as well as to rediscover lost feelings and ideas, to develop new insight into the reasons behind challenges, or to find new inspiration.

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