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Emotional Trauma Release

Beyond obvious tragedies, seemingly trivial incidents such as harsh words from a parent or a friend, often things that people don't even remember, can be the cause of reactive tendencies and mental habits, causing extra stress in people's lives.

I incorporate breath work and HMR (Holographic Memory Resolution) I have been trained by Brent Baum. Holographic Memory Resolution is a body-centered emotional reframing technique that reduces the impact of stress and trauma in the bodymind.  it’s a simple technique but has profound effects for memory-based pain and pathology, setting people free from the negative input from memories that have been stored at the subconscious level. 

Holographic Memory Resolution was developed by Brent Baum who was the chief counselor after the bombing of the federal building in Oklahoma City and has helped numerous people affected by incidents including 9-11 and TWA Flight 800.


This technique provides a useful way into addressing problems that we are not even aware of.

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