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Nurturing Your Heart    Create Greater Capacity to Love and Be Loved

Now more than ever, we need to keep reminding ourselves to focus on love and compassion, to reject being affected by negative emotions and thoughts. Scientists are finally figuring out that positive vibrations of love, compassion and gratitude have tremendous healing and transformative effects on your mind and body as well as on society as we are all connected and part of Mother Earth’s electromagnetic field.

HeartMath + Qigong + Meditation

In this retreat, we’ll tune up and energize our hearts together in the following process:

1) Heart coherence exercise to raise group coherence

You’ll learn and practice the HeartMath method to regulate your heartbeat. As the magnetic waves from your heart interact and resonate with others, raising one’s heart coherence to help create harmony in the group.)

2) Heart center (chakra) clearing and empowerment

You’ll learn and practice Yi Ren Qigong exercises to clear energetic interference from past relationships and to increase your capacity to give and receive love and compassion.

3) Heart-centered meditation

We’ll meditate to deepen awareness of your heart’s power and wisdom.

Location: Cell Level Healing @4000 Aurora Ave. N, Seattle, #214

Date/Time: November 12, 1:30 PM -4 PM

Fee: $25 Pre-registration required

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