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Talk on Spiritual Hygiene

I am talking as a guest speaker on Sunday September 4 at the Interfaith Community Sanctuary in Ballard. I'll show you cleansing Qigong exercises for your body mind and spirit.

"Spiritual Hygiene ~ Ancient Healing Wisdom"

with Eriko Rowe

I’ll tell you the secret. Miracles happen when your mind shifts from You Wei (everything) to Wu Wei (emptiness) —Lü Dongbin, Tang Dynasty Taoist Schola

Native American Ways, Shinto (Japan’s indigenous religion), and Taoism, these seemingly unrelated ancient spiritual traditions share some important central themes. One is the idea that people are not separate from their environment but part of nature’s web. Another is that an invisible subtle energy (spirit, Ki, or Qi) is our true nature. In this view, living beings, the natural elements, such as wind, fire, earth, metal and water, and the whole universe, are all connected in a vast energetic field. Building on these ideas, each of these traditions developed unique healing practices that focus on spiritual hygiene to restore integrity and balance in each person’s body, mind, and spirit.

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